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yilly…a love story

A few Clickin Moms friends and I decided to rent a house for a few days to vacation and let our kids run wild together. Although there were 6 of our kids there, my son immediately attached himself to Lily (who he called “Yilly”) and the two of them became inseparable. Their energy levels are very similar so it was fitting they would bond and we would be left chasing them around, camera in hand of course. Going through my pictures from the trip, I couldn’t help but laugh at all the adorable moments they had and put together a little memoir in honor of their new found friendship. Thank you CM for being the avenue to which I met these lovely ladies and their kids and thank you to Elicia Graves and Corinne McCombs for an unforgettable trip.


This series was also featured on the CM Blog HERE.

Dearest Yilly,

Do you remember that summer we met at the beach? And we talked at the pier about things we liked?


you giggled shyly as I told you how pretty you were?

And how we ran down the pier as if we were the only two people on Earth?

You wouldn’t share your ice cream but I didn’t care.

Remember when we watched that movie together and my pesty little sister wouldn’t leave us alone?

And I tried to hug you but you just weren’t ready.

So we raced instead. You’re really fast Yilly.

And then we stopped to hang from those tree branches…

And you fell. I didn’t help you up because I was trying to be a tough guy.

So we got in a little tiff. I was pretending to fight. You know I would never really hurt you right??

So we ran again to make up. So fast this time my mom couldn’t even keep focus.

And we were so annoyed because our nosy moms kept trying to take pics of us.

So we stopped for a second to pacify them.

And then had a moment to ourselves.

Remember on our way back to the condo you tackled me?

And then we played and laughed in that spinning chair for hours…

And the day came for us to part. And you wore those cute boots.

I tried to get a goodbye kiss but you were still playing hard to get.

So I tickled you to break the nervous silence.

And then…you kissed me.

That was the best trip of my life Yilly. And I miss you so…

Till we meet again…