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Let Them Do it Their Way

This post may be one of my favorites in a long time. It’s not the wide open spaces of the gorgeous central coast beach nor is it the seriously adorable dress my daughter is donning that makes it a top contender in my heart. It is simply the way they are exhibiting their true wild spirits and my efforts in trying to capture that without interfering in their joy. It’s difficult to get caught up in getting “the perfect photo” of your children dressed to the nines smiling sincerely at the camera. While those images may look nice to an outsider, we all know that those types of images don’t portray the true SPIRITS of our children. Toddlers are not meant to sit still and when forced to do so, will give you uncomfortable, forced grins. They love to run, make messes, and stop and stare at things we would not give a second glance to. They like to carry their favorite objects with them so they can share their joy with their little plastic friends. They don’t care about how their hair looks or the fact that their clothes are dirty or covered in sand. They simply care about one thing…doing it their way. And doing it their way means natural smiles and honest happiness. Isn’t that soo much better than “sit here and say cheese”? I think so.


Tech Nerdery: Canon Mark III, 35 1.4, 135 2.0

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