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yilly…a love story

A few Clickin Moms friends and I decided to rent a house for a few days to vacation and let our kids run wild together.View full post »

Childhood. Relived. And a tribute to my dad.

As a young girl, Santa Cruz was our weekend family getaway many times out of the year. So much that many of the memoriesView full post »

Home, sweet beach

If you’ve browsed our blog before, this stretch of beach should be of no surprise. It’s where my hubby grewView full post »

Taking the plunge

I’ve been challenging myself to think outside the “digital box” lately and experiment with otherView full post »

It’s a sunflowery day

A day with sunflowers. A fellow photog friend and I went in search of this enormous sunflower field we kept hearingView full post »

Beat the heat! {Sacramento Lifestyle Photographer}

It’s been hot here. The kind of heat that makes you want to lay on the floor over the AC in the bathroom and eatView full post »

F is for flag!

A little patriotic post today as a reminder of how lucky we are to be free. I often think of how children live in otherView full post »

For the moms out there…

I dedicate this post to all the moms out there. Moms, in whatever form it means to you and the relationships that haveView full post »

Selfies in the Desert

If you’ve ever been to the desert in the gorgeous light of the evening sunset, you know of its magic. If not, likeView full post »

Operation Scout

Location hunting with my daughter is always a supercharged, high energy expedition in which I have all but about 3View full post »

Leaf me alone!

Sometimes on a chilly, overcast, winter day when you are walking from the zoo to the car, there are piles of lonely,View full post »

Ode to Smashing Pumpkins

Today is the greatest…Day I’ve never known…Can’t wait for tomorrow…” It seems as ifView full post »