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Fresh out of the shower and in a good mood with lovely hotel light and white sheets. Happy, fresh, simple. Tech nerderyView full post »

When flower fields call…

When you’re shopping at Lowe’s for kitchen hardware and you see a “safe” field of mustardView full post »

SF on film! {Real with a touch of grain blog circle ~ adventure}

This month’s film circle was the theme “adventure” which was easy since it’s basically anView full post »

Jelly to the Belly

Took a little journey with my homegirl Corinne and her kiddos to the Jelly Belly factory in nearby Fairfield. ApparentlyView full post »

Real With a Touch of Grain Blog Circle ~ Red Edition {Sacramento Documentary Photographer}

Anndddd…….we’re back with another installment of our film circle! If you’re just joining us andView full post »

Play ball!

Baseball fans unite! Baseball season is coming and it’s coming fast. If you are a true fan, you completelyView full post »

Real With a Touch of Grain Blog Circle ~ Cold Edition~

Here we are, back again with our monthly film blog circle. The theme for the month was “cold” which, if IView full post »

Date day (with a dog and some polar bear cubs)

Date day! Being that I never get alone time with my little guy anymore for one reason or another, we dedicated yesterdayView full post »

The Holiday Wrap (pun intended)

Christmas is by far my favorite time of year. It was a glorious time for me growing up and I hope to instill suchView full post »

Life in a Soon to be Extinct Coastal Trailer Park…How’s THAT for a Title?!

We recently had a chance to visit the Dillon Beach Lawson’s Landing Trailer Park. You’re probably like…View full post »

Real with a touch of grain. Blog Circle-Holiday edition.

Hope everyone had an amazing holiday season! Our blog circle is back this month with a little holiday post! FocusView full post »

The “All American” meal. For breakfast.

A burger, fries, and a shake. Who doesn’t love a little dose of the All American meal? Lucky for us, we got toView full post »


It’s been a weak snow season but when you have toddlers begging you to take them to play in something you canView full post »

Real with a touch of grain. Why I love shooting film. Blog Circle.

Film. It sounds so romantic doesn’t it? True, I’ve been shooting digital since I began my photographyView full post »

Selfies for Jen…and some grain

When the amazing, strong, and talented Jen Burgess recently lost her battle with ovarian cancer, a group of us on theView full post »