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Auburn Day Hike {Black Hole of Calcutta Hike with Kids}

Sometimes you are strapped for time on a weekend and just want to get out locally to get some fresh air. Albeit close (less than 40 minutes from Sac Town), this hike was WAYY too crowded for our tastes. The parking situation is a tad stressful as you park  on the side of a super busy Hwy 49 south of Old Forest Hill Rd. The actual trail begins at Gate 150 but you won’t have any trouble finding the trail because there will be hoards of people flocking the same direction. Upsides…it is super dog friendly, there was flowing water (even in the midst of a horrible drought year), there was a pretty cook bridge crossing (pics from that missing for some reason) and we were outside breathing fresh air and moving. Really got the juices flowing for an exciting summer of exploring to come! A link to more details on the trail found HERE. Super easy trail for kids and a nice “Sunday stroll” for adults.

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